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Operational Turnaround –Focus on Working Capital and Supply Chain

Guest lecture Operational Turnaround –Focus on Working Capital and Supply Chain by Igor Zax CFA, founder of Tenzor Ltd as part of a course “Mergers, MBOs and Other Corporate Reorganisations” by professor Paolo Volpin at London Business School 23 March 2012.

The lecture covers principles of distressed investments, corporate turnaround and operational due diligence. It also focuses on supply chain and working capital implications, use of asset backed lending, vertical integration and business model re-design.

Slides for the presentation can be seen by clicking the link below:
Operational Turnaround –Focus on Working Capital and Supply Chain

Special Situations and Distress-driven M&A- masterclass by Igor Zax in Moscow

Igor Zax, founder of Tenzor Ltd, delivered a masterclass on “Special Situations and Distress-Driven M&A: What Does it Take to Conduct a Successful Accelerated M&A Process” 28 September 2011 in Moscow, as part of C5 conference on M&A in Russia and CIS.

The masterclass was attended by senior M&A professionals of major Russian and CIS banks and industrial groups.

For link to English version of the presentation please click the title above.

Igor Zax published an article on Corporate Credit Policy in GT News

Corporate Credit Policy-A Strategic View -new article was published by Igor Zax, managing director of Tenzor Ltd, published a in GT News (major treasury publication by AFP).

The article discussed the nature of trade receivables risks, its difference from other type of credit risk, its relationship to corporate strategy and approaches to design of optimal credit policy.

Igor Zax presented at European Investment in Distressed Debt Forum

Igor Zax, Managing Director of Tenzor ltd., presented at a panel on Corporate turnaround and stakeholder management strategies at European Investment in Distressed Debt Forum in London 27-th October 2010
While actual presentation was in a form of live discussion between Igor Zax and Warwick Ley, partner of Endless LLP without slides (that was a preference of both panellists), Igor Zax slides prepared for the presentation are avalible here: Corporate Turnaround –thinking beyond capital structures